say what???


Check out some of the reviews and testimonials the Big Boy Pouch has already revived.  Our customer's are so pleased that we have a 48% repeat order rate!  Our customers buy one, try it on and then turn around an  buy 5 more the next day!  We really have brought a solution to big penis underwear.  You hung guys need to look no more.


Steve on Oct 31, 2018

Finally underwear that lets my junk fall right into place yet hang just the way it wants comfortably, Just unbelievable. No junk crushing for me anymore Hallelujah. The bathing suits fit perfectly and SHOW real well.Can Hardly wait to wear in So Beach Miami this winter. Maybe you could offer more variety in colors LOL. All in all your design is "the BALLS"I could not be happier with your new products Thank You, Thank You, Thank You ,is all I can Say. p.s. I've noticed some admiring looks in the mid area which is are a treat for for a 75 year old man. Keep bringing your designs to mainstream. Time for change.

C. Murray on Oct 08, 2018

I have purchased one of these and pair of swimming briefs for me. I have never found a great underwear to fit my 8.5 inch monster I have to feel comfortable all day.

Most underwear are binding and hard fit all of yourself in pair underwear. But these I have not add of problems with these to provide a pouch to fit all of me. Mesh fabric prevents sweating and sticking to my legs. Even the material from the pouch to the anal is not wide to prevent cutting off circulation in the legs.

I have bought one pair to try out but after trying one out I need more. Now I have ordered 6 more to make sure I have plenty to wear for a week to protect my private area better than any other pair out there on the market for plus size guys.

Thank you again WildmanT for making such a great products.

Paul mccarthy on Oct 29, 2018

After years of searching and trying many “big boy” pouches id given up for years and just went commando... then i found these :)

The best most comfiest roomiest brilliant underwear i have ever bought/worn.

Ship to the uk and i cant wait to fill the underwear draw :)

Thanks tim :)

Jeff on Oct 09, 2018

Guys - These are hands down the best underwear you can put around your prized possessions. Fit is perfect. Support is perfect. Lift is perfect.

WildmanT you got everything right! My only complaint is that there aren't more colors/design options. I would order more.

lee on Oct 05, 2018

I was so tired of swinging my leg over my motorcycle and then sitting on my testicles. Doesn't happen anymore. Both sons were having similar experiences so they each tried a pair and loved them so I had to get them 5 pairs each.

SwinginLow on Sep 21, 2018

The Big Boy Duo Pouch jock rocks! Well made and holds my extra sized package perfectly. Cradles while allowing free swing away from the body, no uncomfortable scrunching. Prob the most comfortable jock I've worn

Pierre on Sep 17, 2018

If you’ve ever search “underwear for the well endowed” or tried to find that one brand that will finally fit you properly - look no further! When I found WildmanT I thought “oh underwear that’ll fit me? Ya right! Good story guys...” but I decided to take a chance and order a few pairs. They arrived very quickly (and I’m not even in the US!). I immediately dropped drawers to try them. Guys - I didn’t know till I tried these that my package has never been allowed to just be where it wants to be! I can’t say enough how thrilled I am with finding a brand that actually fits my package. Bought 6 more pairs the next day!

Well priced, quick delivery, and dudes - they actually fit huge packages! No gimmick, they just work. You guys got a customer for life from me

Andrew H. on Sep 05, 2018

This swim bikini puts it all up front and supports your package like no other!

Jack H. on Sep 05, 2018

These are by far the best underwear i have ever worn. There extremely comfortable, don't ride up and hold my 7" floppy and big balls really well in the pouch. Even if your not well endowed I would recommend them to every man.

Lee R. on Sep 05, 2018

For once a nice fitting under garment that keeps everything where it should be. I was so pleased and was telling my son about them that he tried a pair and I bought him 4 more.

JK on Aug 22, 2018

I have now used your Big Boy -underwear a few months and I have to say "wow!!". These pants are wonderful. They are just like made for me and for my measurements. I attach few photos for you, so you can see it. If you like, you can use those photos at your web site (Facebook photos from our friends), because I don't have a FB profile. But please, do not mention my name :) Now I proceed to confirm my next order. Maybe I order a swimwear too.

Jack on Aug 21, 2018

I am so glad to have found WildmanT underwear. The big boy pouches are amazing especially for us bigger boys. My 7incher and big balls fall perfectly into the pouch. They are then perfectly held in place. The underwear is also very comfortable and doesn't ride up. I will be purchasing more from you and recommending you to my friends.
Many Thanks.

Ivan R. on Aug 21, 2018

These are the most comfortable briefs I have ever worn!
I bought 3 black and 3 white. Great deal!
The mesh fabric is cool and comfy. The waist band fits right and stays in place without binding.
The leg bands also fit right and allow the legs to move freely. Also, the way the briefs sculpt the butt looks real fine.
Then there's the Big Boy Pouch...nice to wear something that doesn't scrunch or squeeze my "equipment". Curious to combine support with freedom to swing and move with the rest of my body..
Definitely a WINNER. 

Frank H on Aug 20, 2018

I love your products. the jockstrap I got a couple of weeks ago is the best, most comfortable, and roomy enough to wear all day long. I also bought some underwear and that to is very comfortable. And I like the quality of the products and the price. So that is what made me want more of your brand. I am slowly getting rid of all my Andrew Christian under wear and going to replace it with yours. It fits, it holds up, and it makes me feel good.
Thank you.

S Y on Aug 16, 2018

Wow, this line is called Big Boy and they aren’t kidding. The pouches are very generously sized.

While I won’t be wearing this swimsuit at my complex’s pool, there are definitely resorts and beaches where this suit would be well received. Wearing it is a bold statement.

If you are a shower and/or you have big balls, your equipment will appreciate the extra space.

The materials and construction are high quality and the size chart is accurate.

Highly recommended if you want to turn some heads.

Bill on Aug 12, 2018

I just order two more of these in extra large. They are the best fitting ever. Bigger pouch and larger straps. I am ordering two more.

Andrew on Aug 10, 2018

Finally! A swimsuit that fits where it matters. These swimsuits are beautifully made and are hot fun to wear.

Kevin F. on Aug 03, 2018

Finally, someone who understood the plight of the very endowed man and developed a line of sexy, functional underwear that does what it should. The bias-cut pouch of the strapless jock, jockstrap and brief lifts and cradles my package like no other underwear has before. Solid stitching and good price point. I wear the strapless jock often and it makes a great sleep-jock! I no longer have to buy that expensive underwear that doesn't hold up to the hype or cheap heavy boxers in bulk like shop rags. You'll throw all your old underwear in the trash. The first time in the locker room is a great experience, too! I'm happy to be a "wildman!"

Finally! Underwear that fits me!*****

Ivan on Aug 02, 2018

I am happy to be a return customer. Your Big Boy Pouch briefs are great. I recently purchased a pack of 3 for $65.00.  Finally, underwear that fits me and is comfortable. The mesh fabric is cooling and drying while on, and quick to hand wash and dry.That front pouch is just right, and the fit in the butt is smooth and follows my form...there is no bagging, sagging or lumping. Couldn't be better.

Great Swimwear *****

Greg on Jul 22, 2018

Just revived this pair of swim briefs and had a chance to wear yesterday. All I can say is wow!!! This is the best fitting pair of swimwear I own. Quality is fantastic, size is perfect according to the size chart and the pouch! Feels great, fits great! Made for some great looks from both men and women, had a tough time not pushing the front of this suit out even further. Planning on ordering more.


The underwear arrived, I’ve been wearing the briefs today &; I have to say, this is life-changing for me. It is the first time I’ve been able to fit in underwear properly & I was able to move freely without worry of pain etc. I need to give you a MASSIVE thank you for bringing out the Big Boy Pouch line & I will be ordering up a load more pairs after I’ve tried the Jock & decided on how many of which style to order. Again, thank you so much, after a life-time of constant struggle this is major for me (you now have a customer for life).

I Found you!*****

Pete on Jul 12, 2018

I love this underwear. Finally found something roomy enough for “everything” on the front and still hugs the back tight enough. Lol

This is what I’ve been looking for - nothing else I’ve tried gives enough room in the front. And I’ve tried lots of brands.


longclaw26 on May 26, 2018

Soft and supportive, and the mesh allows the head to poke through in a nice vpl. Great after a pump session, or when I want to walk around with ball straps or weights when going commando isn't an option. The stretch leaves plenty of room to pitch a pretty big tent too.


FEL44 on Mar 26, 2018

Just ordered my second pair of the new WILDMAN T duo pouch boxer brief. It's a great fit & feel with the extra large penis pouch! I wear a bulge enhancing silicone cock ring that pushes my dick & balls out into the pouch for an awesome male profile!

No Smashing!*****

Theo on Jul 16, 2018

Dear Tim!
Yours suggested cotton briefs arrived two days ago. Only thing I can say Your underwear is magical. Space, comfort and no bed smashed feeling after you wear them for hours. Thanks!

Fits like a glove*****

Mansome on Feb 11, 2018

I really like these. I was really skeptical about this jock because of the whole strapless thing. But wow, just wow. It fits perfect for me. I have larger than average testicles and it cups them just right. The jock does move with you so if your doing any activities you don’t have to worry about your dick and balls flopping out all over the place. The test I did for this was going almost commando wearing nothing but polo shirt, khakis and the jock. No excess flapping every where either. Everything stayed in place. The way the jock is made there is elastic but its not contain everything but more so for support. That is what I love most about this. I have low hangers and it is really nice to have them sitting higher for a change without the squishing. I really could have used these a few months back when I had scrotal surgery.

Great Fitting Briefs With The Perfect Pouch!*****

LeRoy Sandoval on May 20, 2018

This is my first pair of WildmanT underwear I ever owned. As soon as I received them via mail, I immediately took off the boxer briefs that were squishing my penis to my body after working and driving all day. 

As soon as I slipped the Big Boy on, I was more relaxed and comfortable. My 7 incher fell snugly into the pouch and I felt better now that it was hanging free from the rest of my exhausted body. 

At the time of this writing, my order of the new Big Boy Bikini Swimwear is on its way and I cannot wait. I found the perfect underwear for both me and my father; he is now wanting to start wearing WildmanT as well. 

I could not be more pleased with my purchases than I already am. Tim does an amazing job creating styles not just for the Big Boys but for the boys and men who want to be free and expressive, yet to maintain their masculinity. Thank you, Tim, for that!!

Just what I was looking for!*****

D_L on Mar 28, 2018

Just have to say that the mesh strapless jocks I ordered are amazing. The pouch has ample room and very comfy. They work great at the gym and are just as wondferful under jeans as they are with dress pants. All the while making my member the envy of those doing crotch checks.

They are exactly what I was looking for. Will they ever be available in different colors?

- D_L

Favorite underwear*****

Andre on Jul 28, 2017

I love the blue and white big pouch underwear. I also have them in black. The fabric is very stretchy and light. Feels like I am wearing nothing yet I have support. The pouch keeps my balls from getting overheated and sticking to my legs. I wish they had a three-part like they do with the black. Great underwear. I'm going to buy the white and red pair next.


K_B on Mar 28, 2018

Great product, Tim! The fit and quality are great. Truly unique and almost custom made for me. Why it took someone so long to figure out that guys have body parts that aren't comfortable being smashed to their bodies is beyond me. I'll be back. Thanks!

Super jock*****

Jeffrey on Apr 12, 2017

If you're like me, fortunate to have s great pair of big low hangers and a more than average size cock, this big boy strapless jock is perfect. It's really helps take the pressure off of carrying around between your legs your package. Nice support and this really stays put all day and all night so things don't flop around. Yeah I could probably hurt myself or some innocent bystander, but this big boy won't let that happen.
I suggest getting two. They need to be washed and you can wear the spare on wash days. It's truly a ball and cock saver.

Sublimely Comfortable*****

Rick on Jan 29, 2017

I think I've worn nearly every style of underwear known to man, and absolutely none has been as sublimely comfortable as the Big Boy Pouch Strapless Jock. The fabric is extremely soft against my scrotum, and the shape of the pouch cradles my anatomy perfectly, keeping everything firmly in place with no binding. The pouch provides great, yet light, support with just enough freedom to move with me, so I never need to make "adjustments" in public. Despite the absence of leg straps to keep the pouch in place, not once has the pouch ever slid off my balls, even during athletic activities.

I've been wearing Big Boy Pouch Strapless Jocks for over two years and have found them to be both long-wearing and long-lasting. Without a fly, it does take a little more time to rearrange things within the pouch after using the restroom, but this jock's comfort more than offsets that minor inconvenience. I can't think of anything that would improve this product other than expanding the color choices. Thank you for offering such a terrific product.